<article> <figure> <img src="http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/4yZHNj5mZl1L7pAR7Hu7TXdluhC.jpg" title='Valor' alt='Valor'/> </figure> <h1>Valor</h1> <p>The boundaries between military discipline and human desire are tested on a U.S. Army base that houses an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform clandestine international and domestic missions. The drama unfolds in the present as well as in flashbacks to a failed mission involving one of the first female pilots in the unit, ultimately uncovering layers of personal and government/military secrets and leading to a season-long plan to rescue a group of MIA soldiers.</p> <details><summary>Runtime: 43</summary> <summary>First air date: 2017-10-09</summary> <summary>Last air date: 2018-01-29</summary></details> </article>