<article> <figure> <img src="http://www.moviesom.com/resources/20150216211140social.jpg" title='Queer Icon: The Cult of Bette Davis' alt='Queer Icon: The Cult of Bette Davis'/> </figure> <h1>Queer Icon: The Cult of Bette Davis</h1> <p>This documentary examines the many aspects of the gay fascination with Bette Davis, featuring film clips of Bette's most iconic moments, juxtaposed with camp burlesques of her by San Francisco actor Matthew Martin and others, including Charles Pierce and Arthur Blake; a profile of Martin highlighting his long identification with Davis; and interviews with fans, entertainers, and gay cultural historians.</p> <details><summary>Runtime: 88</summary> <summary>Release date: 2009-09-11</summary></details> </article>