<article> <figure> <img src="http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w780/dNt0qZTGIFntUcXfGASLrRcz3Xw.jpg" title='Short Circuit' alt='Short Circuit'/> </figure> <h1>Short Circuit</h1> <p>After a lightning bolt zaps a robot named Number 5, the lovable machine starts to think he's human and escapes the lab. Hot on his trail is his designer, Newton, who hopes to get to Number 5 before the military does. In the meantime, a spunky animal lover mistakes the robot for an alien and takes him in, teaching her new guest about life on Earth.</p> <details><summary>Runtime: 98</summary> <summary>Release date: 1986-05-09</summary></details> </article>