<article> <figure> <img src="http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w780/tqep7lhz8Fy3xTyI76ttWW5NtW7.jpg" title='The Trip' alt='The Trip'/> </figure> <h1>The Trip</h1> <p>Paul Groves, a television commercial director, is in the midst of a personality crisis. His wife Sally has left him and he seeks the help of his friend John, a self-styled guru who's an advocate of LSD. Paul asks John to be the guide on his first "trip". John takes Paul to a "freak-out" at his friend Max's pad. Splitting the scene, they score some acid from Max and return to John's split-level pad with an indoor pool. Paul experiences visions of sex, death, strobe lights, flowers, dancing girls, witches, hooded riders, a torture chamber, and a dwarf. He panics but John tells him to "go with it, man." Would you trust John?</p> <details><summary>Runtime: 85</summary> <summary>Release date: 1967-08-23</summary></details> </article>